Shattered Orc Kingdom of Gar'anash (Orcs of the North East)

The tribes of Orcs between Brennenstadt and Sanziberg live in a land blasted by nature and some say magic. The plains between the mountains and the sea are broken with canyons and clefts making the land very difficult to traverse, but this gives the Orcs great sites to build their cities. The two major canyons are home to most of the tribes who have tunnelled into the sides of the canyons creating large warrens, the bottom of both canyons are dark apart for a couple of hours in a day, making them ideal for the light shy Orcs.

This region of Walderia was once the greatest orc kingdom called Gar’anash, it was powerful and rich but the higher wars decimated the population and the revolts after Kaegor started his campaign destroyed most of the power left. At its height the realm stretched from the Dwarven holds in the southern mountains to Brennenstadt in the north and from the sea in the east to Necropolis and Eisenburg in the west. Half orcs herded humans for food and labour across the shattered plain during summer and autumn months where the Orcs could cut them out when required. These herds of humans are still present but in smaller numbers and controlled by the weaker clans who inhabit the smaller rifts outside of the main cities. These weaker clans are made up of more half-Orcs than the main tribes and trade with Brennenstadt and Sansiberg for items that the cities want and cannot produce. They also have greater numbers of humanoid allies especially Gnolls and Ogres to help bolster their numbers.

The remaining orc cities have finally recovered from the double blow but the past glories are unattainable for the Orcs and other humanoids. There is no King with any power at the moment with rival chieftains too busy trying to consolidate their power or destroy their traditional enemies for any other activities. 

Illustration: From The Battle for Wesnoth ( used under General Public License