The Great Halls of Xuthzan

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Formal Name: Xuthzan
Previous Name: Great Dwarven Halls of Xuthzan
Ruler:  King Mazuug
Government:  Tribal
Capital: Xuthzan
Resources: Iron, Silver & Mithril
Population: 80,000 ~ (70% Urban)  
  70% Orc, 20% Half-Orc, 10% Other
Languages: Orcish, common & Dwarven
Common Alignment: Evil
Major Religions: Gruumsh (Evil), Hextor (LE)
Allies:  None
Enemies: Eisenberg & Bottomless Canyon

In the mountains to the west of the region is the fortress of Xuthzan, originally a dwarven city it is now the home to the Steel Claw tribe of Orcs and their humanoid allies. The spacious Dwarven halls are now cluttered with litter and decay, whilst the humanoids brawl and live in the remains. The one remnant of the golden age is the massive gates with their hulking towers and stark jagged walls, which allow access to the warrens of the city. The city has always mined silver and iron and a brisk trade goes on with the other tribes of Orcs and even the humans of nearby states.

The Orcs of Xuthzan look at their neighbours with distain seeing themselves as the heirs to the Orc kingdom and are probably the most powerful tribe in the region but they do not have the power to conquer the other tribes. The mines of Xuthzan were supposed to hold mithril but none has left the city in decades and traders speak of terrors in the deeper mines. King Mazuug took the throne last year in a violent coup and has since consolidated his rule amongst the members of the cities regular army the Blood Guard, which he once commanded for the last King.