Arcane Order of Thaumaturgists

Within the True Empire the ‘Order’, as they refer to themselves, are a major faction within the church of Wee Jas, concerned with establishing control over the practice, and practitioners of magic, within the lands under the Empire’s influence. Embodying the lawful theology of the Stern Lady, they seek to regulate the study and use of magic, so that calamities such as the act of wanton destruction by the Elven Sage-Wizard Mav Id’Erian do not come to pass again.

That is not to say that the Order forbids magic experimentation or innovation, but requires that such investigations are performed in a methodical, controlled, and regulated manner. The most well-known institute of magical research is the Bone Tower located within the town of Bowden. As its name suggest the tower appears to be fashioned from the bones of gargantuan creatures, rising into the sky as a morbid obelisk crested with a bright blue flame. This macabre structure is a testament to the practicalities of the clergy of Wee Jas and the Order, who use an undead workforce to handle the Starfall ore avoiding the problems that living folk have with extended exposure. The Bone Tower is administered by a conclave of liches, from both the upper echelons of the Order and the clergy of Wee Jas, who chose a practical unlife, to better explore the possibilities of working with Starfall ore, whilst avoiding the debilitating side effects.

Temples and Bureaucracy

Each town and port within the True Empire is expected to establish a temple to Wee Jas that practically can also serve as a headquarters for the Order as the regulatory body for arcane magic within the locale. Wizards and sorcerers of the Order known as ‘Talons’ are tasked with the duty to investigate any reports of arcane magic usage by unlicenced practitioners.

Talons also journey through the smaller settlements checking in with the governing bodies for news of those unlicenced spellcasters, who need to be brought on to the books, and also for any children for whom a sorcerous talent has emerged and thus need to be registered. If an unlicenced practitioner attends a Temple of Wee Jas or seeks out a Talon to register, before being involved in unlicenced usage of magic, the cost of registration will be waived. If Talons, sent to investigate the usage of magic discover an unlicensed spellcaster, a 50g fine will be levied, along with an assessment of any damages caused due to the spellcasting. If the fee cannot be paid, the Order will accept a blood-token debt that may be called in by the Order in the future.

A wizard or sorcerer that is to be licensed will receive a silver medallion with a raven depicted on one side and a skull upon the other, a droplet of blood will bind the amulet to its owner. It is understood that the Talons have the means to determine if a medallion is being worn by its rightful owner, and also that the Order are able to scry on those wearing a bonded amulet should they have a need. Ports and border settlements typically have clear signage alerting arcane spellcasters to visit the Wee Jas temple to register themselves. An arcane spellcaster wanting an easy life, would be best served by visiting the local temple if any, to inform the Talons of their presence, even if licenced.


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