The Naga’s Necklace and Angkor Sumek

In the eastern ocean far from the mainland shore is a small chain of islands shaped in a crescent with Nagaratalas, a larger island, set in the middle. This island has a large mountain in the centre with fertile lands around the base and a beautiful city called Angkor Sumek along the western shore. This city is inhabited by Naga and other serpent folk. The glittering arches, exquisite mosaics and golden domes make it a marvel to behold. In the harbour there are always a multitude of ships of various sizes and shapes ranging from simple canoes to large galleys.

The few travellers who have visited Angkor Sumek from the mainland have received a warm welcome. Although they have been restricted to where they can travel and have been watched at all time the inhabitants seem genuinely friendly and interested in learning about the mainland. The hosts readily explain that the area around the harbour and the great market place are truce areas. These were established years ago after a long bitter conflict amongst the other islands. Angkor Sumek acted as the neutral venue and arbitrator to assist all the leaders to negotiate a treaty. It quickly became clear that the conflict had been extended when some of the islands suffered blight and could not obtain food so raided the others to feed their people. Eventually after much discussion a treaty was agreed and Angkor Sumek magnanimously set aside the truce areas to stop a repeat. In the areas of the city they are allowed into visitors have seen Naga’s and serpent folk of many types, good and evil, mixing freely in a great market. It seems a city at peace with itself, but there are an abundance of guards visible at the harbour and everywhere else they have gone.

The other islands in the Necklace are mostly covered in forests with some having towns and others just villages on them. Those who have attempted to land have received a hostile response in all cases, but have established that the islands are controlled by different breeds of serpent folk. Some of the islands seem very primitive with Stone Age weapons while other have advanced syphon’s they use to threaten approaching ships with alchemists fire.

The inhabitants of the Naga’s Necklace have shown no open desire to conquer other lands and few of their ships travel to the mainland. Even the largest and nearest ports are only visited once or twice a year. Some of the less developed serpent folk have travelled the long distance to the mainland and established communities, but they tend to be insular and don’t bother looking for harbours. They land at the first safe point they reach on the coast after the difficult journey in their long canoes, before looking for somewhere to settle.   

Created by M. Ellard

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