The Silver Woods of Puevon

The Silver Woods were once part of the Sidhe realm of the Fey Queen and her Court that was brought to the Lands of Warlderia by her. When her majesty returned home she left this portion of her magical land behind for no known reason. Some say it was a gifted for the bard Galsitan while others that the warded town of Puevon anchored the Woods, no one but the Queen really knows. The woods are a very magical area with a wide range of fey and sylvan creatures left there. They get their name from the abundance of Silver Maple trees within the forest and from the one human town, Puevon, which is magically warded with cold iron against the fey.

When the Fey Queen returned home many of her Sidhe court went with her but some remained behind by choice. The Silver Woods are not heavily populated and the inhabitants tend to be fey and sylvan folk of a darker disposition, with some that are simply evil. There are nymphs, banshee, hags, redcaps and quicklings reported to live in the Woods and it is a brave human that wanders the Silver Woods of Puevon on their own.


Puevon was a human settlement bordering the Silver Woods inhabited by fey hating humans who warred with the forest inhabitants. The town had magical cold iron wove in to its strong wall denying access to any fey trying to enter. When the Fey Queen came to Warlderia she brought Puevon with her but the magical wards prevented her, if she had wanted, from shielding the inhabitants who all aged a year and a day. Their decayed bodies where found by the inhabitants of Vrowbin, the human settlement on Warlderia that was transported back with the Queen, who found themselves in Puevon instead.

Puevon is now part of ther March of Harmonias.