Earldom of Cramois

Formal Name

Formal Name:


Earldom of Cramois



Earl Gylaw




Major Settlements:


City of Cramois (18,960)



Ship building,Timber, Farming & Fishing



158,300 (12% urban), 94% human, 6% other



Common, Sōren

Common Alignment:



Major Religions:


Xerbo (TN), Osprem (LN), Kord (CG) 






Cramois (Cram-warr) is ruled by its confident ruler Earl Gylaw who is the ambitious son-in-law of Duke Rankin. The City of Cramois is also a trading port but also has the largest shipyards in the Coast using the fine timber of the Whyter Woods to the north.


Cramois was settled by a force of Blood Islers led by the nobles of the Island of Grison who revelled in their fearsome reputation. They subjugated the local Hugond and established their settlement with energy and ambition. The prominent noble was Hruod Oatvill who became leader of the new lands but his vassals continually fought and plotted against each other. They hampered the growth of the Cramois, which was named after a hero of old Grison legend, as it sought to find its place on the Crimson Coast.   Though the Islers bred with the Hugond they did not show any particular favouritism to their Halvras children unlike other settlers; indeed they had a reputation for brutality.

During the First Blood War the town was besieged and relied on outside supplies to the annoyance of the rulers. They vowed to build their own fleet and did so with the construction of the fine shipyards that the city is famed for. In the peace after the war they took timber from the Whyter Woods and constructed a fine naval force. During the subsequent Second Blood War the men of Cramois were the keenest for war and it was they who captured shamanic holy site of Kruan while the main Hugond army fought against the Duke of Epave to the north. The Lord of Cramois personally defecated on the ancient altar to the glee of his companions before burning the captured druids and distributing the female captives amongst his men.