The Dukedom of Epave

City of Epave

Epave (e-pav) was one of the first settlements founded by the Blood Islers during their colonisation of the Crimson Coast area. It had a sheltered bay that remained ice free during the winter months but was located relatively close to the home islands. It is situated in a wide bay surrounded by sheer overlooking cliffs that limited the size of Epave in its earlier years. With expansion steps and passage were cut from the cliffs and the tops fortified against the Hugond threat. Prosperous and secure Epave might have reached its natural size limit till the arrival of its great architect and engineer, Gulatos Davergilk.

His works allowed the expansion of the city up and across the cliffs to form the newer High Town which continues to grow to this day. Down below the cliffs the Old Harbour continues to be the commercial heart of Epave with extensive docks, warehouses and markets. Gulatos Davergilk built the great cranes that are used to hoist cargo up the cliffs to the High City and the funicular used by the more affluent citizens to travel down to the Old Harbour from their high homes. In the one hundred and fifty years he has since lived in Epave he has been a steady guiding hand in the development of the city building the lighthouse, sewers system and designing the neat orderly expansion plans.

Epave is a wealthy trading centre and is famed for its clean well laid out streets and its mechanical marvels. It is ruled by Duke Rankin (pictured right) who is technically the liege Lord of all of the Crimson Coast. He seeks to rule through consensus and mutual support, even offering the hand of friendship to the Hugond. He is a soldier-scholar keen to learn from the mistakes of the past. Rankin has scene the changes that have happened to neighbouring lands and wishes to keep the Coast safe.

Gulatos Davergilk

Gulatos Davergilk is a Half-Dwarf engineer and artificer who was originally from the northern continent but has resided in Epave for over a century and a half. It is said he was the result of a tryst between his Dwarven father and human mother. Such children are greatly looked down upon by Dwarves and to his unknown father’s credit he made sure that Gulatos was cared for and educated, though in secret. With access to a very wide range of Dwarven manuals and texts a flair for engineering and metallurgy was fostered and then flourished. Gulatos came to Epave with his elderly human mother and presented his ideas for the expansion of the city and the creation of technical marvels. The then Duke became a patron and commissioned many of the schemes. Gulatos has since then remained in Epave, even after his beloved mother passed away, and now serves Rankin, his fourth Duke.


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