Edhel-Duntolas & Resplendent Dunostia

Of the coast of Western Warlderia lie the Elven Isles of Edhel Duntolas, they are made up of two major islands and close to a hundred smaller ones. The one city is the magnificent Resplendent Dunostia. Isolated from the rest of the world the Isles have developed their own unique culture even by Elven standards. To outsiders Edhel-Duntolasis a secretive and mysterious realm of which little but rumour and conjecture is known.

Contact with the islands is limited to three trading ports with non-Elves strictly and forcibly forbidden from any other part of the realm. Within these port humans and even dwarves trade goods and services with the Elves. The Elves themselves are High and Wood Elves; there is an absence of half-elves.

Within the trading ports the outsiders very much police themselves with any troublesome persons merely having their licences revoked and being forced to leave the Isles. The lucrative trade in precious metals, jewels and magic items make the trade very profitable and well worth their strict regulations imposed by the Elves.

The Isles are protected by strong squadrons of Sea Elf ships of sleek and capable designs. Magically armed and aided they are more than a match for any raider or smuggler.


It is thought that the Elves have a very structured and organised society that appears very different to the perceived views of Elves in Warlderia. High Elves appear to be in positions of power with Wood Elves doing the more menial tasks. Magic is common place and a sign of ability and power.

Noble families bring up their children in relative isolation but with a broad and extensive education. It is not uncommon for them to go forth in to the world to gain experience and prestige before returning home and assuming positions of power.

The Elves worship Labelas Enoreth, the god of time and longevity and Vandria Gilmadrith, the lawful god of vigilance, justice and guardianship. These deities are worshipped in their lawful aspect with ornate and elaborate ceremonies emphasizing contemplation and meditation. There are also stories of fey ruins and groves where wild magic exists and of a more random worship by the wood elves. Again this is not certain.

It may well be simply that the culture of Edhel-Duntolas is so alien to humans that they simply have too great a problem in conceiving it. This linked in with the great secrecy and privacy of the Elves makes true knowledge of the isles hard to discern from fanciful tails and fables

Illustration: From The Battle for Wesnoth (http://www.wesnoth.org/) used under General Public License