The Western Shore

The Western Shore is part of the Divine Empire but has operated with a high degree of autonomy recently following the decline in the authority of the Emperor.

The most vibrant and powerful province on the Western Shore is the Duchy of Everwatch which went from virtual annihilation to victory in a mere year under the rule of Katalin Vadild. Her forces repulsed and defeated the invading humanoids of Fallen Harmonias before going on to liberate the orc infested lands and free the enslaved humans and demi-humans of the province.  Everwatch then intervened in the succession crisis in the Earldom of Aelfshaw and successfully repulsed an incursion of Elves and Dwarves from ‘The Other Place’. The Duchess now rules two provinces and has the vassalage of the third, in Aelfshaw, making her a powerful person within the Divine Empire.






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