Warlderian Artifacts and Magic Items

Zahak's Scales

These appear to be a normal set of Merchant's Scales and weights to appraise items. On the base of the scales is engraved the symbol of Zahak (demi-god of Commerce, Trade and Greed) surrounded by a ring of coins. The scales are of great value to any merchant allowing the user to cast:

  • Mending 5/day
  • Detect Magic 5/day
  • Nystul's Magic Aura 3/day, sometimes used to hide the magic on the scales.
  • Identify 3/day
  • True Seeing 1/day

The Beasts Crown (Hambold's Circlet)

The Beasts Crown is an unassuming item made of bronze. At the front it has a snarling mouth motiff with two wolf fangs and on either side are moonstones set like eyes. On the inside are runic carvings associated with transmutation. It dates back to around the time of the crossing and allows the wearer to transform people into bestial killers they can control.

When the Higher Races arrived in Warlderia the young Prince Hambold quickly allied himself to them. Over time he became frustated with being patronised and treated as a junior partner. Hambold decided he needed an item of power to strengthen his influence. Working with his shaman a Circlet was enchanted and empowered through dark rites and sacrifices.

The Circlet let Hambold massacre whole settlement at no cost with little evidence of who was behind it. A few villages were ravaged using the Circlet terrorising the Elves. It finally failed when the wearer was killed with an arrow. No one dared recover the Circlet or face the beasts. When they reverted they took the tale to the Elven council, but the Circlet had disappeared.   

On the 3 days of the full moon the wearer can at will turn medium humans/humaniods within 50ft Radius into simulacrums of hybrid form werewolves. The transmutation lasts for a day with a DC22 Will based save (against transmutation not enchantment). Anyone failing the save turns into the hybrid form and the wearer can control them.

These hybrid forms are weaker versions of werewolves. They have the similar stats to werewolf hybrids but with less damage reduction (5 instead of 10) and lacking both the Curse of Lycanthropy and the Alternative form. DC15 Fortitude save or contract lycanthropy.

The first time in each full moon the wearer uses the ability to transform others they need to make a DC15 Fortitude save or they contract lycanthropy. If they fail the save they remain in control of the pack for the day but assume wolf form and the circlet falls off them. Under the full moon it is believed to also allow the wearer to bestow or cure true lycanthropy on one other individual (not themselves).

Charlene's Cauldron

This powerful small cauldron is designed to brew magic potions. It is made of brass with draconic script inlayed in gold and a small mirror on the side. It is much coveted as the user can make a potion at no experience and half the normal material costs.  It can also cast clairvoyance 3/day and darkness 3/day if the ego contained is willing. There are however perils to extended use linked to its dark history.

Charlene was a Green Hag (NE alignment) of considerable age. One night she captured and was about to torture a Seer. They offered to tell Charlene the day and manner of her death in return for being released unharmed. The deal was sealed and Charlene learned she would die in ten years. Determined to live on after death she spent five years targeting mages and learning their arcane lore.

Charlene created a caudron using wizard and hag lore to capture her soul as her body died. Her plan worked and she now inhabits the cauldron. With evil or neutral owners she will try to negotiate a deal where she possesses a servant, slave, simpleton or captive and brews potions for them.  This means they get their potions with no effort, but in exchange she gets days possessing the victim for her own activities.

Any users who cross her or are of good alignment risks being possessed by Charlene's ego (strength 16) with each possession increasing in duration. Rules as per Ego items so only once a day as a maximum for an idividual but duration increases by half a day each time they are possessed. She has limited power of possession so with collaborative brewing can only attempt to possess one individual. Protection from Evil can protect an individual from her attempts at possession. It is believed her aim is to find a body her spirit can inhabit permanently and transform it into a hags form to live again.   

The White & Black Chimes of the Unicorn

When Kaegor XIII turned to worshipping Nerull he put a large bounty on white unicorns horns. He planned for the unicorns to be wiped out to further Nerulls cause and remove hope from the land. This almost led to the extinction of them in Western Warlderia. The priests of Ehlonna beseeched her to help them save the remaining few.

Ehlonna answered their pleas and provided four sets of white wind chimes. When any of these caught the wind it would cause any equine creates within miles to grow a horn with a magical aura similar to a unicorns. These horns would fall off after time like a stags and lose their aura but in the meantime hinder the hunters. A second power is that during a solstice if an appropriate ceremony to Ehlonna is carried out and any horses are led between two of the sounding chimes they become a unicorn.

These chimes successfully saved the unicorns of Western Warlderia ending the hunting of unicorns. Two sets of the chimes were seized by Kaegor XIII's hunters to explain their failures. When they were brought before him Kaegor XIII set a wizard and priest of Nerull the task of corrupting them. These were tainted with Demon blood making them black and evil runes added. They cause the false horns to drop off and any horses led between them during a solstice with an appropriate prayer to Nerull it becomes a black unicorn. By this time the civil war had started and the bounty was withdrawn.

Created by M Ellard