Before the coming on the Higher races there was and still is

Deities of Warlderia

Many and varied are the deities that are worshipped but most by far worship the standard gods and goddesses. As ever Pelor, god of the Sun, Light, Strength, and Healing, is the most popular but there are many others deities; by no means are all as good.

Some of the Gods are detailed below:


Atroa (goddess of Spring, the East Wind, and Renewal)

Besmara (godess of Pirates and Sea Monsters)

Stratis (demi-god of War, Strategy and Victory)

Thanus (demi-god of Oaths, Loyalty and Honesty)

Wee Jas (goddess of Magic, Death, Vanity and Law)



Bralm (goddess of Industriousness and Community)

Hextor (god of War, Conflict, Fitness and Tyranny)

Wee Jas (goddess of Magic, Death, Vanity and Law)

Zahak (demi-god of Commerce, Trade and Greed)

Palimnu (god of Magic, Destruction and Chaos)

Gods of the Savages

Bahamut (god of Chivalry, Protection, and Justice)

Kord (god of Athletics, Sports, Brawling, Strength, and Courage)

Phaulkon (god of  Air, Winds, Clouds and Archery)

Phyton (god of Nature, Beauty, and Farming)

Syrul (goddess of Deceit and Trickery)

 Xerbo (god of Sea, Sailing, Money, and Business)

Vatun (god of Cold, Winter and Beasts of the Cold)


Evil Deties

Erythnul (god of Hate, Envy, Panic, and Slaughter)

Kadara (goddess of Fire, Destruction, Pleasure and Greed)

Syrul (goddess of Deceit and Trickery)

 Tharizdun (god of Eternal Darkness, Decay, Entropy, Insanity, and Cold)

Hextor (god of of War, Discord, Massacres, Conflict, Fitness, and Tyranny. )



Humanoid Gods

Luthic (Orc goddess of Fertility, Healing & Caverns)

Elven Gods

Vandria Gilmadrith (Elven goddess of War, Justice, Vigilance)



Dwarven Gods

The Great Brewer (Dwarven god of Beer, Spirits & Undead Destroying)


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