The Great Brewer (Dwarven god of Beer, Ciders, Spirits & Undead Destroying)

Symbol: A foaming tankard with a sunburst emblazoned on the mug.

Portfolio: Brewing, Drinking, Festivities, and the War against Undead.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Worshipers Alignment: Any non-evil

Domains: Glory, Good, Protection, Sun, Travel, and War

Favoured Weapons: Warhammer

Motto: “The Spirits against the Spirits”

‘The Great Brewer’ is a primarily dwarven deity that celebrates the crafting and consuming of ales, beers, ciders, and spirits, alongside a passion for the destruction of the unliving. It is unclear whether the ‘The Great Brewer’ is a deity in his own right or whether it is a mantle adopted by Moradin after a hard night’s drinking with Garl Glittergold, but regardless the prayers of his clergy are answered.

Typically depicted as a swarthy fire-haired jovial dwarf, singing and dancing with Tankard in hand, the ethos was embraced whole heartedly by the dwarves resulting in the creation of the Great Lodge Temple and Brewery where the faithful come to learn their craft and the worshipers come to sample the result of their efforts.


Whilst the Great Lodge Temple is located in Glitterburg, many other Lodges have sprung up as the Brewmeisters have made their pilgrimages out into the world. Each lodge is headed by a Lodgemeister and typically operates as a brewery with an attached tavern or inn.

Around the time of All-Hallows when the veil between the spirit world thins, the Lodges host large parties seeking to get merry adventuring parties agreeable to serving the temple by steering them towards dealing with known undead infestations.


The duty of the clergy lies not only in the creation of spirits, but also in their destruction. When the priests of the Lodge are judged ready to serve in both the gathering of new recipes and the crusade against undead, they are granted the title of Brewmeister and sent forth on a pilgrimage with two-fold purpose. To seek out new brewing recipes and share their craft with the inns and taverns, potentially even striking up contracts on behalf of the Lodge, and secondly to root out and destroy the unliving.

One restriction imposed on the clergy is that the holy waters of the faith must be created from alcoholic beverages, typically this also applies to any healing draughts and such like too. As a result, having to waste good drink on dispatching the unliving with holy water really helps maintain the hatred against the undead.


Brewmeisters can expect a degree of hospitality within inns and taverns that appreciate the craft knowledge of the Lodge, often wishing to know how their own wares measure up, and potentially negotiate a trade deal with the Lodge.

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