House Doneus - Savages of the True Empire

House Doneus is based in Polymera with its estates on the borders to the north. An old noble family from the Kaegorian Wars with more money and respect than friends. It is famous for a chequered history, religious beliefs and gladiator school. All these led to them being given a nickname of the Savages which they wholeheartedly embrace. The house has its origins from the slaves of Orcs during the Higher Wars. A few of them gained a degree of respect for being as ruthless, cruel and tough as Orcs. Believing the Elves to be soft on humans the Orcs decided to use these slaves as a fifth column. To prepare them they were trained to fight, given privileges over the other slaves and taught to worship Erythnul. They were then released into Elven lands to cause chaos and disruption.

One such band was released early during the Kaegorian wars to disrupt the Elven war effort. They linked up with the rebels calling themselves the Morningstar Militia and fought with Pamarian's army. Taking part in the sack of Tovaj they gained a fearsome reputation for taking no quarter and torturing captives. When Pamarian went north they were given lands above Polymera to watch over while Udrakadesh was built. For their services the leader Doneus was made a Lord and given title to the lands the unit held.

To this day the family are known to worship Erythnul at odds with most of the Empire. This is tolerated as they provide a useful buffer against the Orcs to the North. An early Lord Doneus was wise enough to see they needed a position in the Empire to survive. He remembered the tales of the Orcs enjoying watching their slaves fight. Developing the idea he introduced gladatorial combat to the Empire providing a new form of entertainment for the populace. House Doneus still run one of the strongest and richest gladatorial schools from the borders of the Empire. They protect their lands with a force still called the Morningstar militia and also train mercenary bands for others to hire. Their lands aren't very fertile with them earning money through hiring mercenaries and providing gladiators for the arenas.       

Created by M Ellard


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