The Obsidian Order

The Obsidian Order is an elite and greatly feared unit within the forces of the True Kaegorian Empire. Its origins relate back to the hunters who captured the chimes of the unicorn that were subsequently corrupted by dark wizards and priests of Nerull. Rewarded for their success by Kaegor XIII, the hunters were given the first black unicorns to serve as their mounts, however, their blood soon soaked the earth. The dark steeds cared not for being handed over as a prize, and slew all those who attempted to break them to the saddle. A different approach was needed, several further deaths followed as attempts were made to control the proud equines through domination magics, however, the dweomers of the unicorn's horns untwisted such enchantments, inevitably leading to the death of the rider. It was a warrior priest of Nerull who saw to the noble and dark heart of the matter. As the tale is told, the priest offered a prayer his dark god, before stripping his robe to the waist, baring his chest, and striding to stand before the first black unicorn to stare into its eyes. Their gazes locked and an unholy communion passed between them, consummated with the unicorn rearing back and plunging its black horn through the priest's heart. As the unknown priest of Nerull fell to the ground and breathed his last his body was immolated with fires of black and red necromantic magic. As the flames quelled, remaining only in its eyes, the figure arose and proclaimed itself as Sir Targus Blackmane, Death Knight of Nerull, the first black unicorn bowed its head, acknowledging a worthy rider at last. Led by Sir Blackmane, the Obsdian Order has expanded as an elite unit of Anti-Paladins sworn to Nerull. Whilst they have adopted a mantle of knighthood and order, it is deep down a façade that serves their needs within the wheels of the machine of the True Kaegorian Empire. The Knights of the Obsidian Order are servitors of death.

Created by Tez McArt


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