The Remnants

Across the straits to the North lies the old Imperial province of Harmonias. This land had been the home to humanoid hordes for decades till it was liberated by the Duchy of Everwatch last year.  Many of the creatures stood a fought the humans, many crawled back under the earth from whence they came but others simply fled. Those that fought died in their droves and the fate of those who scurried beneath is unknown as well. Those that fled where scattered across the known lands and beyond. Some took service with some of the Successor States and some with the Old Empire while others went off on their own. The attempt to capture Lavray was one of these ventures and it almost succeeded but, in the end, did not. The invaders fled east along the northern shore of Kylma and vanished in to the numerous small bays sand ruined harbours of the coast. Some say that they landed their orcs and sailed off while others say they ferried thousands of their fowl brethren to Kylma from Harmonias. All that people know is that reports of humanoids are much more common and that people are both wary and nervous.  

There are hundreds of ruined settlements and dozens of uninhabited islands along the coast, easily enough for a horde or two to loose itself; for now.  

It is improtant to note that the Remnants are not at all aligned with the Ice Orcs of the south.  


Illustration: From The Battle for Wesnoth ( used under General Public License