Besmara (Godess of Pirates and Sea Monsters)

Title: The Pirate Queen, Black Lady, Sea Banshee and Sailor's Doom

Symbol: Skull

Portfolio: Piracy, Sea Monster & Strife

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Worshipers alignment: Any non-lawful

Domains: Chaos, Trickery, War & Water 

Favoured Weapons: Sword (Scimitar or Rapier)

Besmara (bes-MAR-uh) is the proud patron goddess of corsairs and sea monsters. While brash, lusty, confrontational, and greedy, she follows a code of honour and is loyal to her crew and allies; as long as doing so serves her interests. She cares little for senseless murder or other unprofitable acts, but is willing to risk much to attain great prizes. Besmara doesn’t care about clashes between good and evil, only pursuit, battle, and reward. Thus, even the most irreverent pirate captain throws a share of treasure overboard now and then as tribute to the Pirate Queen. Besmara stirs up strife and conflict where she can, the better to plunder all sides. Her following may be small, but she exerts her power unreservedly on the waters. The Pirate Queen is vicious, temperamental, and greedy. She teaches her followers to sow chaos and harvest gold from the bellies of captured ships. Beyond that, Besmara has little interest in the affairs of mortals.

Pirates don't tend to be a very religious lot, and generally only call on her on their death bed or if in extreme danger. Those few clerics who do devote themselves to her generally also are captains of their own raiding ships and have a fierce reputation.



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