House Fontezier

With a history of mixed fortunes House Fontezier is currently on the rise. It is one of the few Gifted Houses from the Kaegorian Wars. These are estates whose Higher Race families transferred ownership to their servants to protect them from looting when the enemy armies were approaching.

The House shield is a green background with a Fire Beetle on it. This came from the first Lord Fontezier encountering a Giant Fire Beetle while inspecting the estate. For a century House Fontezier was both despised and envied. Without having to raise arms or fight they gained freedom and a grand estate.

They started off with little influence due to these handicaps but this improved as they helped the new houses repair war damage. It recently went through a period of mismanagement losing friends and gaining large debts. This has been reversed in the last decade following Alfonso Fontezier and his wife Desirie inheriting.

Between them they are providing the energy and vision to rebuild House Fontezier's fortunes. They immediately aligned House Fontezier closely with the Priests of Bralm including allowing them to build a church on their lands. Supported by the church they improved the efficiency of their estate and paid off the debts.

Desirie then spotted an opportunity to raise their profile and make friends. On the outskirts of the estate there were regular sighting of Giant Fire Beetles. She hit upon the unique idea of encouraging and farming them with the help of the Priests of Bralm. The first batch of light glands harvested were given free to another House for a wedding. They made quite an impression and have become a fashionable addition to special occasions.

Currently the family is in a good position to strengthen its influence. They have two pretty daughters approaching marriageable age, are well respected, financially comfortable and supported by the Priests of Bralm. With the right marriages for their daughters they could become major players in the True Empire.    


Created by M. Ellard