Brightwater and Laketown

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Formal Name:

Brightwater Trading Confedracy


Lord Matthew Barlow


Plutocracy (Confederacy with Laketown & Forestridge)

Major Settlement:

Brightwater, Laketown, & Forestridge


Leathers & Pelts, Worked Metals, Tinkered Goods, Cloth, and Fresh Game,


30,000,  20% Urban


Common, Dwarven, & Elven.

Common Alignment:

Neutral Good, Neutral

Major Religions:

Elhonna (NG), Trithereon (CG) (in secret)




Hextorites (Not openly of course)


Local Geography

Brightwater is the largest settlement of a trading confederacy comprising of Brightwater, Laketown, and Forestridge. It gets its name from the sparkling effect of Iron pyrite, ‘Fool’s Gold’, deposits that line the bed of the river that splits the town in two and feeds into Lake Shimmer.

Northwest up river of Brightwater is Forestridge, a hamlet populated primarily by lumberjacks working to provide timber for construction and fuel. Southeast of Brightwater lies Lake Shimmer, a large expanse of water that collects water from two rivers, carrying the waters west to the Weeping Gorge where it forms a magnificent waterfall.

The road from Brightwater down to the lake terminates at a small floating dock where ferries load goods for transportation across the waters to Laketown, built partially out on the waters on stilts. Laketown backs on to the Shimmering Fen, a swamp terrain which eventually yields into a dense woodland.

The mountains to the northwest are referred to by the locals as the Iron Shards, though the Dwarves who live there undoubtably have their own name.


The town is home to a group of artisanal families skilled in leatherworking, blacksmithing, tinkered goods, tailors. The Tanners, Smiths, Tinkers, and Tailors respectively, form a trade council who with the martial assistance of the Wardens led by Lord Matthew Barlow govern the town and patrol the local area.

Wardens are typically skilled rangers and are trained from the three settlements. They tend to refer to themselves as Ridge Wardens, Bright Wardens and Lake Wardens respectively, depending on which settlement they are primarily based.

The Ridge and Bright Wardens work to secure the road from Forestridge down to Brightwater, whilst the Lake Wardens focus more on the threats from the Shimmering Fen. Goblins and Orcs are the main threat in the forest, whilst kobolds, lizardman and all kinds of unpleasant wildlife lurk in the Shimmering Fens.

History & Current Affairs

The town suffered a tragedy some years ago that shaped the demeanour of the township today. A wizard by the name of Dantylus, established a manor on the edge of Brightwater, and at first the townsfolks were pleased, but then the children started going missing. The mayor of the town James Handforth insisted everything possible was being done, alas his wife and children were being held hostage, forcing his compliance.

A group of adventurers were asked to help and whilst the horrific details of their investigations are known only to a few, the climax of their struggle was witnessed by the whole town, with a titanic battle in the at the town fountain against the wizard Dantylus.

The adventurers were assisted by an elderly priestess, who gave her life at the fountain, ascending into an angel the burning radiance of which destroyed the page of The Book of Vile Darkness, that was augmenting the power of the wizard Dantylus, after which the adventurers were able to defeat him.

Dantylus’ manor was burned to the ground, the horrors inside considered too great. The fountain, however, was blessed by the touch of the benevolent divine and gained healing properties for those of a good nature. (1d8+5 healing 1/day by drinking directly from the fountains waters for anyone good aligned).

The tragedy of losing children pulled the townsfolk together and fostered a strong sense of community. Awakened to the grimness of the Old Empire edicts they have vowed to do better, but know they are somewhat alone in the dark.

Laws & Customs

Wizards are expected to present their credentials from the Arcane Order of Thaumaturgists, after their run in with Dantylus the townsfolk have become deeply suspicious of recluse spellcasters. The townsfolk’s prejudice is not set in stone, however, and good deeds will earn trust.

One clear way to earn trust with the township is to work with the Wardens to secure the town from the threats from the forest and fens. Dantyus’ magic was able to compel the tribes of orcs and goblins in the forest to execute his bidding, and whilst the humanoids have never had an explanation of what occurred, they blame and fear the town as its cause, raiding and harassing its populace.

Temples & Shrines

A perfunctory shrine to Zahak the demi-god of commerce, trade, and greed is situated outside of the market square, it looks rather neglected.

Several well-kept shrines to Elhonna are maintained by the Wardens typically at the park spaces and edges of the forest at the town gates.

Several of the locals have begun to see the fountain as a shrine to Trithereon, god of Individuality, Liberty, Retribution and Self Defence. Trithereon is directly opposed to the teachings of Bralm.

Inns & Taverns

The Golden Fool

The central inn for the town its signage showing a Harlequined Jester with a wheel-barrow of Fool’s Gold Nuggets, it offers a wide selection of rooms and boarding suitable for adventurers and merchants.

The Bowshot Tavern

One of the nicer taverns in the town, it boasts a bow shooting range on its grounds often hosting competitions that are popular amongst the Wardens and adventurers.

 Merchants & Traders

The merchant families consider their goods high quality and charge 120% the listed prices in the player’s handbook for their goods. Those folks who have ingratiated themselves with the township by working with the Warden’s may be rewarded with ‘Warden Rates’ of 95% costs, but one would need to greatly impress Lord Barlow to earn this favour.

Masterwork items are available, as are strength adjusted bows. Half-Plate and Full Plate armours are not carried in stock, and would need to be commissioned.

Recent Troubles

The Wardens have been reporting an increase of animal attacks in the forest and fens over the last months, the situation feels to be spiralling out of control. Several corpses of wild boar were recently brought back from the trail between Forestridge and Brightwater for examination due to a weird ‘red tribal sunburst’ having replaced the animal’s normal pupils.

The Lake Wardens have also reported seeing groups of undead moving through the fens.

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