Please remember that none of us are experts in on-line gaming and that I see this project is a team effort. In others words please try to be constructive rather than critical as I will get things wrong and I will need your help and support- Thanks, Dave.  

Cavaliers of the Crimson Coast

This is an on-line D&D3.5 mini-campaign that will be run using Discord and Fantasy Grounds Unity (FGU). Both of these platforms will be used to support the campaign but it is important to stress I am going to attempt to run an on-line game supported by them but with others avenues used as well. They are to enable but not, hopefully, limit the games scope. To be blunt I am not running FGU D&D rather D&D supported by FGU.

Please note that-

Discord is free, allows text, voice, video & document sharing - very useful.

Fantasy Grounds Unity does have a monthly subscription fee.

Character Conception and Creation

As we are a small group it will be necessary for you to agree on who will play what type of character first; four bards are not going to survive long on the Hugond Steppe or the Warrens of Epave.   That said it is not essential that everyone plays something totally different. I am going to have NPCs to cover areas that are missing; for example two fighter variants would be fine in the party. I would suggest choosing from: 

Cleric, Druid (Shaman)        Fighter, Barbarian, Ranger, Paladin         Rogue, Bard        Wizard, Sorcerer    
Alignment = any non-evil                 Races- Any standard in Players Handbook  3.5
Feats, skills, equipment and spells from Players Handbook  3.5

Stats will be rolled with me over discord, zoom or facetime- the best of 4d6 seven times with the lowest discarded and the others assigned.

Then the finished character is forwarded to me. I will check it out and convert it on to FGU.

As is standard with my games, I am very interested in the character background and pre-game history. You have the website to look around for a home after all. If you do not wish to do that then I would never force anyone but I will issue bonus xps for a back story. If you cannot create a background then I will do it for you.

Games Setting

"To earn wealth, fame and power the heroes have travelled across the Indertsa Sea to the southern continent of Kylma; an area they are unfamiliar with. They have left their old lives behind on the tempting promise of a glorious future from which their names shall ring out in history. These would be adventurers have all met on the voyage and know each other to a degree but not totally as many a secret lies buried within. They are now in the town of Hevre on the Crimson Coast region where they are seeking adventure and at least, away to pay their increasing bills." 

Details of the Crimson Coast

Details of Hevre


Stage one - discuss who wants to play what type of character amongst yourselves and then get back to me...