Dralkaal Kaarlec (Damned Legion)

This is a group of hobgoblin led remnant goblinoids that have congregated in the Redwardine Hills of Harmonias. They are not a pre-liberation tribe but rather a collection of shattered tribes and vagabonds that have coalesced together under the leader of Shovlarog. There are hobgoblins, goblins, varags, norkers, bugbears and even orcs serving in the ranks. The Damned Legion was so named as the founder, Shovlarog, felt none of them deserved to enter Calngor, their god’s realm, and that they were damned to cowards' deaths and to have their spirits wander the world in misery and scorn.  His cool head rallied other remnant around him and over weeks this has increased with others flocking to him. His natural martial nature took over and he formed the legion but made it clear that all were welcome and the old tribal allegiances meant nothing now.

Shovlarog the Wretched (Praefectus)

Shovlarog was the sub-chief of his previous hobgoblin tribe, the Slow Flayers, but had served extensively as a mercenary in the Old Empire. He and his band had returned when news of the fighting was heard but it was far too late. They fought several small engagements with the humans but lost and fled north in to the Redwardine Hills. His old tribe is gone having been thoroughly beaten in battle, routed and dispersed. Shovlarog was ashamed of his continued existence when so many had fallen in battle and now dine and fight with the goblinoid god Maglubiyet in Acheron.  That said there were many remnants who had no order to them and he took it upon himself to form a body of equally cursed souls. 

Ondrudul the Lame (Magos)

Ondrudul served as a tribal wizard till his tribe was no more and he fled. Though gifted with fine magical abilities he had never learnt to survive in the wilds. As a whelp he had been savaged buy a hobhound and would have normally been culled but for his arcane talent. He was a powerful and respected wizard but with his whole tribe gone he naturally sought out Shovlarog and served him. Unlike his master he has no care for a ‘good death’ or to sit with Maglubiyet but would never say so.  

Mevred the Marked (Primus)

Mevred was a leader of a small hobgoblin tribe that had fled after performing badly in battle. He was lucky not to be sacrificed by his own warriors to appease Maglubiyet when they were absorbed in to the legion. Shovlarog saw an equally damned soul and took him under his wing. Mevred has, unusually, responded well and is both obedient and loyal to his new leader.  He is not the best at an independent command but follows direction well and is a fine subordinate.


The head of the well treated goblins that serve in the legion as skirmishers while many other goblins are simply slaves and are treated as so.  


The head of the relatively small number of orcs who serve in the legion. This grope joined Shovlarog early on when most other orcs headed for the canyon. Finding Shovlarog  a decent ally they remained but if he were to die they would desert over night. They find the discipline of the legion hard to follow and against their wilder nature but they have few other options left to them. 


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