The Greenbough Vales / The Hobbit Hills

This area covers the rolling hills to the south of the town of Udrakadesh, forming a triangle between the road from that town and Polymera and from that city and Easternway. From the outside this area appears to be gently rolling green hills with scattered areas of small copses of trees and areas of thick bracken, small farming hamlets and bubbling brooks and streams. Many a traveller thinking to cut across this area as a shortcut between Udrakadesh and Easternway has regretted that decision. Upon closer inspection the region is littered with hidden gullies, small swamps and very hostile locals. Such is the distrust and hostility of the local clans that the Old Kingdom authorities generally avoid the are unless escorted by a large military force.

Each hamlet is home to a clan of mainly halflings although there are a few humans, orcs and goblins and are very protective of their territory. Most hamlets survive on farming, hunting and raiding other clans, with captives held for ransom or used as slaves in the fields. Raiders tend to avoid killing the other clan members if at all possibly though many need medical attention after the fight. However if there is one thing the clans dislike more than their neighbours it is outsiders. Over the years outsiders have tried to set one clan off against another and have never been heard of again. Many rumours exist, that those that disappear in the area end up in the cooking pots; the clans do nothing to play down the rumour. What is known is that many of the clans are led by or advised by shamans and druids of the old gods who are very grateful for trespassers to use as sacrifices in their dark rituals. Occasionally people have managed to flee capture and report tales of black magic, friends sacrificed and tortured and suffering every abuse imaginable. Outside priests have tried to introduce some of the Old Empire gods but have either quickly left the area or joined their gods sooner than they hoped.

Some of the larger clans are the Darkheather, Swampwalker, Greenleaf, Hilltop and Longclaws.

If avoiding twisting your ankle in the bad terrain, escaping inbred angry local clans and not ending up in a pot or ritual sacrifice wasn’t enough the of a worry, the area is also home to many creatures and monsters who will prey on the unwary. Some of these especially the very large cats, wolves and lizards are prized by the clans as war mounts. Over the years some clans have captured wyvern and griffins and these have been become venerated by the locals as the mounts of heroes. Some outsiders are welcome, especially traders who can supply items that the clans themselves cannot produce, as are  bards as they all love tall tales,  songs and entertainers as they love a good party. They are all treated suspiciously until they prove otherwise but once they are greeted as friends, they are friends for life and always welcomed. However, referring to the area as The Hobbit Hills or them as hobbits will guarantee you will never be heard of off again.

Created by R. Williams 


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