Dwarven Kingdom of Glitterborg

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Formal Name: Kingdom of Glitterborg
Ruler:  King Ivan Stonefist
Government:  Feudal
Major Settlement: Glitterborg
Resources: Iron, Gems & Trade
Population: 55,000 (15% urban)
  90% Dwarven,  10% other
Languages: Dwarven & Common
Common Alignment:              Any
Major Religions: Moradin (LG)
Allies:  Keldar
Enemies Orcs

Glitterborg, or Silverwall, is the last Dwarven kingdom left in the north east of Warlderia, the other kingdom Xuthan fell hundreds of years ago. This kingdom is most likely the least traditional of the Dwarven halls because of its isolation from the other halls. The Dwarves of Silverwall and Xuthan formed an alliance with the local Elves during the Higher Wars against the threat from the Orcs and dragons which were their neighbours and actually work together effectively. As the Higher wars raged Silverwall stood by its alliance with the desperate Elves who struggled to contain the barbarians and Orcs swarming from the east. In -10 KE most of the Elves moved from the border leaving the command of the area to Half-Elves and humans who continued to fight alongside the Dwarves. This friend ship grew and so when Kaegor’s revolt swept the Elven Principality away the Dwarves actually allied with Kaegor. The King of Silverwall didn’t send any troops to the aid of Kaegor but did shelter his men in bad times and supply them with arms in the good, this help stood them in good stead when the war finished and the Kaegorian Empire for founded. The links that the Dwarves had with their neighbours became stronger during the next 50 years as peace started to come to the war ravaged area. Unfortunately this peace lulled the Dwarves of Xuthan in a false sense of security so they were totally unprepared when the Orcs stormed into the city, some say with the aid of the Drow and Duegar. The defeat of Xuthan was complete and survivors soon began to arrive in Silverwall with tales of treachery and massacre. Forces form Silverwall with aid from the Kaegorian Empire attempted to recover the fallen city but to no avail.

As the Kaegorian Empire began to fall the Dwarves remained close to their human neighbours and even sheltered rebels against the Empire. The result of this was when the Successor States broken away from the warring empires the Dwarves were considered as friends and they have grown rich through trade with the new kingdoms.

The Dwarven Halls are a major source of gems for eastern Warldaria and the least precious of these are used to reflect light into the halls making some of the walls glitter brightly, giving the Kingdom its human name. The Dwarves originally hated this name but over the years have become quite fond of it, another sign of un-Dwarven tendencies. The airy halls are bustling with life and music making them even more unusual to dwarves from other kingdoms, and influences from both Elves and humans can be seen all over the kingdom. The Dwarves of Glitterborg enjoy music and literature as well as the more normal dwarven pursuits, which makes them considered un—Dwarven by most of the other kingdoms. They do however produce fine weapons and armour as well as jewellery, and are especially famed for their use of adamanitite and the rarer mithril. There are many minor settlements in and below the mountains near the city, most of these help supply food to the city and are well defended by walls and underground tunnels. All of these small settlements are semi-permanent with the workers returning to their families after a year of working on a farm.

The Stonefist clan have ruled the Glitterborg for almost 400 years, taking over when the last of the Goldcrown clan died in the Higher Wars. It was this clan which pioneered the alliance with the Elves and then men and they are still known for unusually creative thinking especially for Dwarves. The Stonefist clan are active supporters of Kaldar and even send troops to help on the borders against the barbarians when they are needed.

The last of the Ironhelm clan (Xuthans old rulers) reside in the most eastern halls with some 3000 of their people, who do mix with the local dwarves but still feel that they do not belong in the Glitterborg. These Dwarves continually press for a more aggressive war against the Orcs of Xanthun but are always put off by King Ivan, though the popular opinion of them is shifting their way at the moment. A war continues in the tunnels and halls of the great road between Glitterborg and Xuthan but there have been no large scale actions for decades.

Illustration: From The Battle for Wesnoth (http://www.wesnoth.org/) used under General Public License