The mixing of man and Dwarf is rarely mentioned and never acknowledged but to deny it ever happened would be folly. Dwarves are proud of their family and clan heritage and loathe to recognise a dilution of it. Humans in the Lands of Warlderia served under and then fought Dwarves before reaching a mutual understanding of sorts. Neither race is proud of the mixing of their blood lines however given the prevalence of male to female Dwarves it is not unfeasible to imagine one taking solace and sharing intimacy with a human female.

Personality: Half-Dwarves are generally defensive and bitter about their parentage and the way it has led to them being treated. They tend to be pessimistic and untrusting of strangers and many are quick to take umbrage. They can be selfish and mean due to resentment for their outcast status.

Physical Description: Half-Dwarves of equally mixed parentage stand between four and a half to five and a half feet in height with males taller than females. They are heavy set weighing between 150 to 250 pounds, again with males the heavier. Their hands, elbows, knees and feet tend to be oversized. Skin tones tend to be ruddy or tanned but this will differ with the pigment of the female human; they do not tan well with the sun. Their eyes are wide, deep set and vary in colour. Faces tend to be round with broad cheeks and heavy set jaws. Hair colour varies from black, brown to red, going white with age, and their bodies tend to be naturally hairy. They are adults at thirty years and may live until two hundred and fifty.

It is important to remember that not Half-Dwarves will be of equal parentage with many being of a more human than Dwarven as few, if any Dwarves, would mate with a Half-Dwarf due to the stigma involved. The Dwarven features will obviously be less defined as that blood is diluted. It is also important to mention that some half-Dwarves will live and subsequently breed amongst themselves.

Relations: Dwarves publicly shun Half-Dwarves as an abomination and stain upon Dwarven honour and family pride. No self-respecting Dwarf would ever acknowledge a Half-Dwarf offspring and any that did would be ostracised from their clan. Privately arrangements might be made for the care and welfare of one but it is a matter of shame. Humans tend to look on Half-Dwarves with a mix of pity and sympathy. Elves are the most understanding having mixed blood with humans for centuries and can find the element of Dwarven shame amusing. Gnomes share the Dwarves horror and embarrassment while Halfings are apathetic. Humanoids tend to hate them as they do Dwarves.

Alignment: Half-Dwarves can be of any alignment and any moral outlook. They do tend towards neutrality and some are bitter about their lot but not all.   

Half-Dwarf Lands: There are no Half-Dwarf lands and they tend to congregate on the edge of Dwarven territory in small settlements or in Human cities. The province of Iron March in the Divine Empire has a high proportion of Half-dwarves including the ruling Iron Master. There they mine, smelt and blend the metals of the Stalen Mountains from which they manufacture many things. Iron March is the closest Half-Dwarves come to a home.

Religion: They rarely ever worship Dwarven gods and tend towards human ones or gods who attract followers from a range of races.

Language: Many learn Dwarven from their mothers who were once very close to Dwarven ways. All will speak common and then any language they pickup.

Names: They never ever take Dwarven family names though many are called Dwarfson, Dwarblood or far worse. The ruling Kompel family of Iron March is one that has achieved respectability in human society though that too is hated by the Dwarves.  

Adventurers: Half-Dwarves either keep themselves well hidden or take to the road always moving and proving themselves. Some make fine adventures.


Half-Dwarf Racial Traits (D&D3.5)

+1 Constitution, -1 Charisma

Medium size

Base speed: 30 feet

Darkvision: 30 feet

Stability- + 2 bonus on ability checks versus bull rush and tripping

+1 saves versus poison and spells

+1 save versus enchantment

+1 attack bonus versus Dwarves

+2 dodge bonus versus Giants

Favoured class: Rogue

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