Kal-Varzt Hobgoblins

The Kal-Varzt clan have been a prominent part of the Everwatch-Harmonias border region for decades since the invasion from the underdark. Efficient and ruthless they were powerful from their captured human keep of Fal’n’fort. Feared by humans and other humanoids they revelled in their infamy. They were led by Geznem a wily old hobgoblin with a sordid taste for human female concubines through whom he sired at least twenty acknowledged male offspring. Though arrogant Geznem was crafty and limited his raids on the Duchy of Everwatch in case he became too much of a nuisance and caused a punitive raid in response.

When the humanoids of Fallen Harmonias captured Everwatch Castle and where poised to overrun the whole Duchy, Geznem appeared weak in his clan’s eyes as he had not been a part of the plan. He was deposed and ritually sacrificed to Nomog-Geaya, the Hobgoblin god of war & authority. His half-hobgoblin son Mulabarsh replaced him after killing at least another dozen challenges. Mulabarsh then surprisingly accepted a large bribe from the Duchy to make no war upon them though he raided other humanoids freely. He openly allied himself with his brother Krayvan Sankari leader of the Ducal Scouts till he was in turn deposed.

The Gilded Blade adventurers helped place Krayvan Sankari on the Kal-Varzt tribal throne but it did not last and Krayvan was lucky to escape alive. He was succeeded by a handful of weak chieftains who barely managed to seize power before having it stolen from them. When the Everwatch forces defeated the other humanoids the Kal-Varzt fled their Fal’n’fort keep home and joined the humanoids only to be defeated in battle.

Some of the mixed bloods have joined many of the half-humanoids of Harmonias and fled north to Everwatch where they have tried to settle or even enlisted in the Ducal Scouts serving under Krayvan Sankari. Otherwise the remnants of the once proud Kal-Varzt Hobgolin Clan are now wanderers in the Harmonias province.

Illustrations: From The Battle for Wesnoth (http://www.wesnoth.org/) used under General Public License