Ice Orcs of Kylma

The southern continent of Kylma stretches from the warmer northern shore off far to the winter wastes. The Orcbane Mountains cut the Hugond Plains off from the much colder lands to the south in which are known to live a wide range of creatures adapted to the harsh environment. Those few adventurers foolish and lucky enough to cross the mountains and return talk of hordes of Orcs adapted for the bitter cold. These Ice Orcs have rarely been seen north of the mountains save for the time when the Hugond holy site of Kruan was desecrated and true winter returned to the Hugond Plains and the Crimson Coast. Then and only then did growing numbers of Ice Orcs start entering the lands north of the mountains. Where the Ice Orcs originated from and what their aims are remain a mystery but their presence in numbers is a well understood fact.

Illustration by Pino44io- please do not use without permission