The Isle of Hate 

Thirty two years ago the Divine Imperial province of Harmonas fell to a surprise invasion from humanoids from the Underdark. All available resources where thrown in to containing and repelling the attacks by the Divine Legions and provincial forces. It was at this time that the Old Empire decided to take advantage of this distraction to launch its own assault. The Island of Ipranius was the most remote and isolated province of the Divine Empire while also being by far the closest to the Old Empire. It was situated in the eastern Indertsa Sea with the Aelf Peninsula separating it from the nearest friendly port.
Ipranius had once been home to Sea Elves but they abandoned the island as Kaegor’s rebellion spread. It was occupied untouched by war and was a wealthy and beautiful province. It was home to a major temple of Rao, a lawful good god of Peace, Reason and Serenity, and had had a line of enlightened and benevolent rulers. They had sided with Innocence in his war against the cruel Emperor Kaegor XIII and aided his victory. The greater events of the succession of the eastern provinces left Ipranius very isolated but the province still survived as the eastern bastion of the Divine Empire for well over a century. With the distraction of the war in Harmonas matters were to change.

The True Kaegorian Empire launched a surprise attack capturing the port of Pontae, through which is sent its best warriors. They soon overran most of the Island sacking the Temple of Rao and enslaving the populace. Only the north tip remained unconquered where the provincial capital and fortress remained besieged.
The Divine Empire was slow to react and for many it was the first glimmer that all was not well with Emperor Innocence. Eventually an armada was sent which swept the smaller Old Empire navy from the seas around Ipranius. The besieger became the besieged! Reinforcements were landed and a re-conquest began.
The desperate Old Empire General turned to his priests of Hextor who furnished him with undead reinforcements from the many that had already fallen. The Divine clerics responded by summoning celestial aid which the Hextor priests countered with demonic assistance. Within a short time the once pleasant Island of Ipranius was a war ravaged battlefield with most of the populace dead or indeed undead. Neither side had any degree of control as they both staggered away too weak to continue. What was left was no longer fair Ipranius but what is now known as the Isle of Hate.
The Isle is home to hordes of all manner of undead that have been exposed to so much clerical turning that they have developed a high degree of resistance to it. The whole province is now shunned by all but the most foolhardy of adventurers and treasure hunters.