Orc City of Tulka

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Formal Name: Tulka
Ruler:  Herzag Bloodyhammer
Government:  Anarchy
Capital: Tulka
Resources: Fish & Slaves
Population: 65,000 ~ (50% Urban) 60% Orc, 20% Half-Orc,  
  10% Human, 10% Other (slaves)
Languages: Orcish & Common
Common Alignment: Evil
Major Religions: Gruumsh (Evil), Erythnul (CE)
Allies:  None
Enemies: Eisenberg & Bottomless Canyon

On the coast of the sea is the ramshackle city of Tulka, a mass of buildings, tunnels and canals where the Orc tribes have their fleets. The harbour is built inside a lagoon which is protected from the worst of the oceans wrath by reefs and rock formations. Canals radiate out form this lagoon to form the spokes of a wheel and breaking up the streets of the city. The city has no formal ruler and no one tribe controls it, instead the more powerful tribes maintain fortified enclosures in the city allowing them access to the sea. The only unfortified area is the centre of the city which is where most of the permenant population lives and works.

Lately one Half-Orc called Herzag Bloodyhammer has threatened and bribed the other leaders of the city into making him Chief Captain of the city. He seems to be trying to break the city away from the influence of the other cities and create an independent city. Most of the trading and ship building is carried out by half-orc members of the tribes and a permanent population which lives in a fragile truce with the tribes. This permanent population is made up of humans and half breads of all races, most of which have nowhere else to go, having outstayed any welcome in more civilised regions. It is from here that the Orcs have launched their raids along the coast to the Orc Shore, with their galleys and cogs. The wealth of trade and piracy flow through the city making some of the citizens wealthy but few with any choice will risk its volatile and dangerous streets.