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Formal Name: Night City of Rundarthang
Ruler:  Prince Kandnak
Government:  Tribal
Capital: Rundarthang
Major Settlements: None
Resources: Iron & Gold
Population: 115,000 ~ (50% Urban) 80% Orc,  
  10% Half-Orc, 10% Other (slaves)
Languages: Orcish & Common
Common Alignment: Evil
Major Religions: Gruumsh (Evil), Erythnul (CE) & Nerull (NE)
Allies:  None

The Bottomless Canyon is the home of many Orc tribes and many small settlements cling to the steep walls of the canyon. These holds are usually controlled by a single tribe with the exception of the city Rundarthang, which is the centre of the area Stone Mace tribe of Orcs and their allies. The canyon is not bottomless but does ends somewhere in the Under Dark but few even the Orcs have seen it, the canyon itself is a rupture in the surface of the planet. A few daring humans have visited the city but the dangers of an Orc city means that only the foolhardy venture into its depths. The visible holds in the walls of the canyon are made from the finest stone and look out onto the bustling and brawling territories across the canyon, these are the homes of the strongest septs of the clans so are defended with ferocity.

The orcs live in the walls of the canyon for the first two miles below the surface after that less benign beasts crawl through the caverns and tunnels until near the bottom Drow, Duergar and other inhabitants of the under dark rule the forever dark portions of the canyon. The tribes that inhabit the Canyon are less powerful than those in the Dark Ceft but a shifting web of alliances usually keeps all-out war from starting. These alliances are broken and made on a monthly basis in an attempt to gain the upper hand but never seem to bear any fruit. The most powerful tribe is the Stone Mace clan, who once ruled the city and the surrounding holds but King Kandnak is left holding onto what he has against the shifting alliances with no real hope of expanding his power.


Rundarthang (Large City): Alignment NE, Population 22,000 -80% Orcs, 10% Half-orcs, 10% others (slaves). Authority Figure: Prince Kadnak (male Orc fighter)

Rundarthang was once considered the most impressive Orc settlement because of the flying bridges which criss-cross the open spaces between the walls, forming a web of paths across the open spaces between the towns built into the side of the canyon. These bridges are the true marvel of the old orc kingdom using fine stone and advanced architecture to support them and the carvings that abound on them are beautiful to the eyes of any orc. Unfortunately for the Orcs a counter strike from the Dragons and their minions fell with full force on the city, the battle lasted for two days before the Dragons were defeated but the loss of life and damage to the city was extensive. Many of the flying bridges were broken and many of the tribes destroyed completely, the bridges have mostly been repaired and new tribes taken the holdings of those destroyed but the cities power has been broken.